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  • Where do you teach?
    The regular group lessons are given at several locations in Valencia. Yoga aan de Haven can be found via the link: Yoga in Park Turia via the link:
  • Do you provide the yogamat?
    Yes, the classes and prices include yoga mat. Very handy and so you can enjoy your yoga class carefree. If desired, bring a towel for your yoga mat. This is not mandatory. The mats are cleaned after each lesson.
  • Is the class suitable for me?
    Are you a complete beginner or experienced yogi? Veerle organizes her yoga class in such a way that it remains challenging for every level. By offering multiple options per pose, you decide which posture best suits your body and the moment. Experience is not necessary.
  • What days are the classes?
    The regular group lessons are on hot all year round: Friday morning Sunday morning Summer season May-October Wednesday evening Private lessons can be booked on request and can be scheduled throughout the week based on availability. Send me your wishes to make it an unforgettable experience.
  • Yoga with a disability or medical condition
    If you have a disability or an injury, discuss it with the yoga teacher before or during the class. Together we look at what is and what is not possible to get the most out of your yoga session. You are responsible for your own body and well-being. Are you pregnant? It is important to follow prenatal yoga and I do not recommend this yoga class for the safety of you and your unborn. You are responsible for your own well-being and health. Safety comes first in class, therefor listen to the signals of your body and mind. *The teacher is in no way liable for causing injury or damage.
  • How big is a group class?
    To guarantee the quality of the lesson, a group size of a maximum of 10 students is maintained. During the lesson there is sufficient personal attention and space to offer hands-on adjustments.
  • What do I bring to a class?
    Wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in during yoga. A sunscreen is also recommended as the lessons are given in the open air. A towel is sometimes nice when it is very hot or for the last part of the lesson to lie down under and drinking water to hydrate before and after the lesson. Pack List: Water comfortable clothes Sunburn Towel (optional) For yoga at the harbor I recommend slightly warmer clothing in the autumn and winter period, the temperature difference is greater there as we practice closer to the water.
  • Which yoga style is taught?
    The classes are Hatha/Vinyasa based. Yoga stands for the connection of body and mind and has a soothing effect on well-being. The structure of the lesson is always the same and contains the following parts: breathing exercise (pranayama), series of movements (asanas), relaxation (savasana).
  • Do you teach online?
    Currently no regular classes are offered online. However, there is the possibility to book a private lesson on request that can be given online. Like the following example; in collaboration with Mount in Balance where a group of 5 people received a remote yoga class during a me-time week in the Swiss Alps. It was a wonderful session to end an inspiring week.
  • Private classes, what does it mean?
    Great that you are interested in a private yoga session for yourself or with a group. This yoga session can take place at a place of your choice in the Valencia area or online, based on availability. It is also possible to provide the class with a theme. Think of a theme where we focus on a body part, the theme of love, meditation or a theme that fits your needs/ group. For example, a class theme for back problems, I taught a fun animal pose themed class to a group veterinarians, meditation and yoga to entrepreneurs, self love for a women's retreat. Private sessions and groups on request from 1-2 people or for a group. A moving experience for when you are in town with your family or friends or have something to celebrate. Feel free to pass on your wishes so that a session can be tailor-made for you. You can book via Whatsapp: +31 (0) 657948898 or by email:
  • In what language is the class?
    Veerle is Dutch from origin and speaks Dutch, English and Spanish. The class will be taught mainly in English.
  • What can I expect?
    The lesson is fully provided with a yoga mat and lasts 60 minutes. Take into account a 15-minute extension since you want to restart after the relaxing phase to continue your day. The class schedule Each lesson is different but always has the same structure. We start with a breathing exercise (pranayama) to focus in the moment. This is followed by a series of lesson-themed movements (asanas). The heat builds up in your body and you use breathing to make the movements even more powerful. At the end of the class we relax with the so-called savanasa, a relaxed attitude in which we give our body peace and space and let the nervous system reset. During the class there is room for personal attention and I offer hands on adjustments to get deeper into the poses. If you do not like this, you can indicate this in advance. At all times, the adjustments are given with policy.
  • Cancellation and refund
    You book the lesson on a specific date. In the unlikely event that you can't and miss the lesson, your ticket is still valid until one month after purchasing your lesson. Booked tickets and reservations cannot be returned. I think it's important that you come at a time when you need it. I would appreciate it if you let me know, you can do so via whatsapp: +31 657948898 or by email:
  • How to book?
    Booking a class online. 1. Go to the classes and pricing area on my website 2. Choose the class you wish to join 3. Payment is possible with ideal, PayPal or creditcard. If you prefer to pay in cash? Get in touch to reserve your spot. Request a private session? Get in touch to share your wishes. Reservation is required.

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